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About Eden's Honey

Since April 2019, Eden’s Honey has been creating small batch raw wildflower and apple blossom honey, gently crafted along the shores of Washington State's Lake Chelan.

100% natural pure joy!

Our Story


Beekeeper Deb

Debora Robinett is the owner and beekeeper of Eden’s Honey and has been a functional medicine practitioner and registered dietitian for more than 30 years. Knowing the importance of bees to the pollination of our crops, (70 of the top 100 human food crops are pollinated by bees) and the increased loss of bees due to pesticide and fungicide usage, Debora decided to study beekeeping before investing in her hives and building a small apiary on her Lake Chelan, Washington state property.

She joined the Puget Sound Beekeeping Association in 2017 and began her studies there before passing her Apprentice Level Beekeeping Certification and buying her first two FLOW® Hives. She joined the North Central Washington Beekeeping Association in 2019, to better understand the climate and challenges of her Chelan apiary. She has spent many hours with both commercial beekeepers and fellow Flow® Hive owners to guide her as she launched Eden’s Honey in April 2019.

Our Hives in the Garden

"Adam" & "Eve" Hives

"Adam" & "Eve" Hives

"Adam" & "Eve" Hives

Just as Debora advises her clients to support their health with sound nutrition practices, she also uses these skills in her apiary, as she feeds her bees probiotics, nutrition patties and even mushroom extract. In return, her bees not only pollinate the numerous apple orchards and area ornamental flowers, but they produce a beautiful and delicious light golden honey for all to enjoy.

To learn more about our bee colony, quality of our honey and Flow® Hive process, please visit our honey Quality page

"Adam" & "Eve" Hives

"Adam" & "Eve" Hives

"Adam" and "Eve" hives - Flow® Hives along Lake Chelan, Washington